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Male Yeast Infection Symptoms: 5 Main Symptoms In Male Thrush Checker List

infection-symptomsWhen man’s genitals get affected by any suspicious symptoms, he tries to determine what condition might have caused them. Male yeast infection has its typical symptoms which we are listing in this article, along with the causes of male thrush and other important information on the topic. Remember, however, that only a doctor can precisely diagnose your condition, taking into account the results of corresponding tests, since different STDs may disguise, looking like thrush. This article is for all men, who want to know more about male health and everything, associated with male yeast infection. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive answers to the critical questions about male thrush, bothering you and many other guys.

How Does Infecting Occur?

As a rule, thrush symptoms reveal actively in infected women, and very often their sexual partners play the role of culprits in this case. Actually, men are often unaware that they are carriers of yeast, because male yeast infection symptoms don’t reveal in them. Pay attention that antibiotics frequently trigger yeast infection regardless of person’s gender or sexual contacts.

The opposite situation when a man gets infected from an infected woman also happens frequently if they practice sex without a condom. In some infected men yeast infection symptoms reveal evidently (itching, rashes, burning during urination, etc.), while others tend to have asymptomatic development of thrush. In this case a woman may get infected by chance, because her partner has no idea that he carries yeast in his organism.

Signs Of Male Candidiasis

Yeast infection on the penis head is usually caused by yeast of Candida genus. The disease is referred to as candidiasis or thrush. Candidiasis is not so common among men as it is among women. In men (same like in women) it indicates weakened immune system, since Candida yeast is present on genitals of many men, however, not all of them get infected with thrush.

Yeast infection triggers an extremely rapid growth of Candida Albicans in a person’s organism. This yeast in a well-regulated amount inhabits your mouth cavity, skin and gastrointestinal tract. Infected men might have used antibiotics to treat any other conditions and these antibiotics let Candida Albicans propagate massively.

Yeast infection symptoms in men usually begin from itching and burning of the penis head. The glans look red and swollen. White coating that may transfer into a difficult-to-remove white film appears on the glans skin. If the film is still removed, ulcers may be found underneath. Sometimes yeast affects also urethra, provoking painful urination and whitish discharge from penis.

Candida symptoms in men may disguise other STIs. So, the treatment process should be based on lab tests and supervised by a qualified dermatovenerologist.

Penis Yeast Infection: Symptoms Checker List

Symptoms of yeast infection in men are developing within a few days. Their severity differs in different men. Thrush symptoms usually aggravate after a sexual intercourse. In some cases the infection spreads to scrotum, inner thighs and hips.

Male thrush is triggered by the same yeast that female vaginal thrush. Typical symptoms include:

  1. Whitish coating (white spots of irregular shape) on the head of the penis
  2. Cottage-cheese-like discharge
  3. Inflammation and reddening of the glans (balanoposthitis)
  4. Itching
  5. Dryness

Men also often experience minimal symptoms such as minor itching and dryness.

Besides being acquainted with penis yeast infection symptoms, it’s crucial to understand why yeast gets on your penis and begins to propagate.

Why Do Symptoms Of Yeast Infection In Men Reveal?

If once occurred yeast infection hasn’t been treated properly, male yeast infection symptoms may bother you again, because sexual partners transmit yeast to each other on and on, turning their sex life into a viscous circle.

Initially yeast infection may occur due to:

  • Lack of personal hygiene (unwashed hands, visits to sauna, swimming pool, a towel shared with an infected individual, etc.)
  • Oral sex (be aware: yeast lives in the mouth cavity)
  • Anal sex (anal microflora impairs the balance of penile microflora and lowers local immunity)
  • Sexual intercourse with a woman, who has thrush symptoms
  • Antibiotics treatment
  • Sugar diabetes 2nd type
  • Conditions, weakening immune system

How To Get Rid Of Thrush?

Thrush treatment is indicated only if you have thrush symptoms. Candidiasis is usually treated at home with topical over-the-counter solutions. If needed, your doctor may prescribe an oral medication. Severe cases and recurrent thrush must be treated only under your doctor’s supervision. Thrush preventive measures include practice of safe sex and consumption of milk products, containing alive lactic acid bacteria. Garlic, berries and grapefruit juice also posses anti-fungal properties.

Conclusions. Any condition, weakening your immune system, gives a chance to thrush development. When a man suffers from frequent episodes of candidiasis, he is advised to be checked for sugar diabetes and other diseases, associated with immunity issues. If you are experiencing any suspicious symptoms and think you may have thrush, to prevent yeast transmission to your sexual partner wait until harmful microorganisms in your body are eliminated. When you use a condom, you prevent transmission of yeast infection to your woman and protect yourself if she is infected. If both partners have got thrush, they must undergo treatment together and only them restart their sexual life.